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Your privacy and data protection

Riad Kasbah Oliver and Homestays Morocco's mission is to connect guests with a cultural experience with communities in Tighza. Protecting your privacy is fundamental to that mission.

Here are a few facts you should know:

  • We never share any personal information with advertisers or marketers - including Facebook

  • We never sell or rent any information to third parties

  • We do not collect any sensitive personal information

  • We have no feedback points, we communicate by email only and unless you regularly keep in contact with us we do not keep your information except in respect of your booking in the booking diary (handwritten) and passport information which is necessary for the local authorities in Telouet and is a legal necessity.

  • This website does use Google Analytics and Google Maps to help us make sure this website is relevant and helpful, and Google may use your browsing information. Read Google's privacy page for more information.

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