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Riad Kasbah Oliver

The Kasbah has 14 guest bedrooms, the smallest room accommodating two people and the largest bedroom taking six. Of the 14 guestrooms  10 have ensuite shower, toilet and sinks. We can comfortably accommodate 40 people at any one time. Groups can also use the grand salon as a dormitory bedroom if required where there is access to the downstairs toilets and sink or upstairs shower rooms.

The Kasbah is similar to a Homestay in that it is family run and you are welcome to participate in the life of the Kasbah and village as much as you want.  Bedding and towels are provided, though we encourage those with quick drying travel towels to use them to help preserve water. In winter we do ask groups to bring a 3-4 season sleeping bag for extra warmth as it can get quite chilly at night. Clean bed sheets and pillow cases are provided as is one large blanket which can be folded double to act as two blankets on the single beds two blankets are provided for double beds. Please ask if extra blankets are needed.

We have western style flushing toilets and wet room style showers. On the ground floor we have two toilets (1 flushing, 1 squat toilet) and a communal sink, accessed from the courtyard garden. There are a further two sets of showers with toilets within the cubicle on the first floor. Traditional mosaic sinks are in the communal area of both the bathrooms on the first and ground floors.

Our split level kitchen with fridge freezer and western style cooker offers plenty of workspace for people who want to learn how to cook Moroccan food. We offer a variety of Berber cuisine and are well equipped to cater for food allergies and intolerances (please let us know your dietary requirements when you book).

Meals are eaten mainly in  the sal a manger which has a serving hatch through to the kitchen. The salon has high mattresses with covers and cushions in the traditional Moroccan style and meals are served at traditional Moroccan low tables.  Meals can also be served in the larger sal a manger or out on the front terrace at the mosaic tables.  

Prices and Booking

  • Adult 300dh per night (400dh per adult per night  if booking one of the two terrace bedrooms)

  • Child 6-12 years 100dh per night

For larger family groups and longer stays of 3 or more nights pricing is flexible, just let us know size of family and age of children.

If leaving a car in Animeter overnight please leave 25dh per night for Mohamed to pay a guardian.

(open our booking website below)


Please pay Mohamed in Moroccan Dirhams, Pounds Sterling, Euros or equivalent in US Dollars. He makes the local payments to the other service providers in local currency.

Tipping is customary in Morocco.

  • Please tip women at homestay families and the Kasbah (amount at your discretion)

  • Guides (around 200dh a day)

  • 4 x 4 drivers (200dh per day)

  • Mule handlers (100dh a day)

Small tips are given for service at cafes and restaurants and leave a dirham for using public toilets.


We had the such a wonderful time staying at Kasbah Oliver. It was our highlight of our week in and around Marrakech! Mohamed and his brother were so kind, very helpful and organised our mountain walk. We loved Tighza, the people in the village were kind and hospitable. The whole valley was blossoming from the almond trees, so beautiful! Food, rooms, hospitality, kindness, all is done out of love for the landscape, the village, the mountains, the people. 

Mohamed and Carolyn organised 5 days of our week long stay: after Tighza their superkind and safe driver Mustafa took us to 3 other wonderful places. They organised lovely hotels, some with a swimming pool which the kids loved. Partly because of your organisation, we absolutely LOVED this part of Maroc;  diverse nature, cultural visits, the people, the food, we cannot wait to come back. Thank you so much !

Renet & Family from The Netherlands,  Stayed February 2020

I’m just writing to say a huge thank-you to you and Mohamed - my recent stay in the Kasbah Oliver was wonderful, and I loved every minute. The riad (and the village) was an absolute haven. 


Thanks again for all your help before my stay, and to Mohamed and Ahmed for all their help whilst I was there. I hope to return one day, and wish you all the best for the future.

With best wishes, 


Zoe  from UK stayed 4 nights in February 2020

"My wife, her sister, and I visited Riad Kasbah Oliver in October, 2018 for five remarkable days, where we were made to feel truly at home and to get a sense of life in a small Moroccan village, including visiting the local market, the communal bread oven and local families. It was an unforgettable experience. We would definitely recommend a visit, and would love to return ourselves. 

There were so many, many things we loved about our stay, but one of the most memorable was market day. Everything about the day -- from the mini-van packed with 20 of our new and closest friends ;-), to wandering the market and seeing how everyone from the surrounding villages came in to buy, sell, and just catch up on local news. Beyond that, it was simply just being there.

Did you feel at home in the Kasbah? Absolutely. Mohammed and Omar made sure we were comfortable and well fed. For the first few days it was just the three of us, and then we were joined by a lovely family from London.

In addition to feeling at home in the Kasbah, Mohammed came up with a number of suggestions and things to do, including a hike and picnic by the river, a day trip to Ouarzazate/Aid Ben Haddou, a visit to the local hammam for Julie and Karen, and he also took us to see his family and the new baby.

Did you get to use some of the lounge spaces to relax?
Yes, especially the terrace, where we were treated to a spectacular night sky -- we had great weather during our stay, and the Milky Way and stars were breathtaking.

We would definitely  recommend Homestays Morocco and Riad Kasbah Oliver -- without hesitation and with great enthusiasm.

It's a small thing, but non-slip mats for the shower would help. The footing can get a bit dicey.

Did Mohamed or other villagers make you aware of projects in the villages? Mohammed definitely did. He mentioned various projects, and also mentioned the efforts of the Whole Foods team.

We definitely would stay in Riad Kasbah Oliver again, and we would love to bring our family and friends."

Mike & Julie, stayed October 2018

"I joined my sister and brother-in-law on their vacation to Riad Kasbah Oliver.   I wanted to share my experience with you as well.  I vacationed for 2.5 weeks in France, Spain and Morocco.  The 5 days in Tigzha Valley were the absolute highlight my trip. 
Most of all, I enjoyed the hosts at the Kasbah. I adored Omar’s cooking (and Omar as well).  And Mohamed made our experience come alive.  We met both of their families, including lots of cousins, and many of the village residents.  Mohamed was wholly dependable, always with us and making sure everything was timed perfectly so that our experience was enjoyable, full and authentic.  All of our encounters with others, such as drivers, tour guides, our visit to the Hamam, etc. were lovely too.  Each was perfectly arranged with all details considered.  Mohamed was there to see us off, and to meet us as we returned.  On our hike, we stopped in a lovely meadow area by the stream to rest before turning back and were totally surprised that Mohamed was carrying a tasty picnic lunch which he laid out for us.  He even made a fire so we could enjoy tea! 


The bus ride to Telouet has to be one of my top experiences ever!  23 people, all except our group of 3, were from the village, crammed into and on top of the bus for the ride.  At one point in a particularly steep area, several of the men got out to push.  I still recall the shadows on the hillside of those who playfully rode on top as we drove up the bumpy narrow mountain trail, and the echo of all of our laughing.  We found the village residents to be warm and friendly, and were fortunate enough to share the experience of greeting a new baby who arrived to a village family during our stay. 


In our walks we admired the gardens and crops, rock formations and historic buildings.  Mohammed showed us the irrigation system and explained how villages worked cooperatively in so many ways.  He took us to see the community bread oven, explained the educational system, shared what announcements were made during the call to prayer when something was going on.  The list goes on, but you get the idea.  We had many questions, and with great patience, he helped us to understand how things worked.  In the mornings I enjoyed the garden on the main floor and watched after the turtles.  On warmer days we sat on the front porch, with the view overlooking the village.  At dark from the rooftop we were in total awe of the Milky Way…the river of stars that appeared.  The first night I witnessed 6 shooting stars! 

In the beginning I longed for wifi, but after a few days I realized what I had been missing since wifi came about.  I had forgotten how to live in the moment, and was re-introduced to the joy of relaxation.
We didn’t come to Riad Kasbah Oliver looking for 4-star accommodations and nightly turndown service.  We came looking for an introduction to the people of Tigzha Valley and a cultural experience to better understand their lives and history.  THAT is what we left with, and will never forget.  I would highly recommend this experience, especially to those who can appreciate such treasures.  We were well looked after in your absence.  Hopefully on the next trip out you will be there as well.  Thank you and your family for such a warm and enjoyable visit!"

Karen from USA, stayed October 2018

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