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Travelling Tips

  • Bring clothes suitable for wearing in layers as weather can change quickly. Particularly in the cooler winter months where it can be hot in the day but then quite cold during the evening

  • The village is usually around 10 degrees C cooler than Marrakech in Summer so there is no air conditioning required (better for the environment too)

  • In rural areas properties are on cesspit drainage systems so toilet paper and sanitary items have to be placed in a bin provided next to the toilet and NOT flushed down the drain

  • We encourage people to bring Lifestraws, water filtration tablets or bottles with filters rather than using bottled water (though some is available in the village),  as we are trying to reduce plastic.  Bottles which are left behind are often reused by villagers and some are collected and sent to cities for recycling. Larger 5 litre bottles are always reused by villagers to collect source water

  • Tap water is safe for brushing your teeth

  • To preserve water resources in the village we have notices regarding sensitive use of water for teeth brushing and showering, most toilet have short as well as long flush

  • Moroccan power is usually up to 220 Volts so a European adaptor is needed to plug in appliances to charge

  • Strong sun screen SPF Factor 30 or above

  • Good moisturiser and SPF factor 15 or above

  • Lip balm SPF Factor 15 minimum

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunhat

  • We strongly recommend visitors bring travel towels as they are quick drying and require less water to wash.  If you do not have a towel then one can be provided

  • For local sensibilities we recommend visitors wear 3/4 length sleeve or short sleeve t-shirts, do not show mid riff and that 3/4 length or long trousers are worn

  • Bring flip flops or Crocs for hammam for walking around in homes or in the Kasbah

  • Wear walking shoes/boots or walking sandals as opposed to trainers for walking and trekking

  • The 1st level showers run on solar hot water with electric boiler back up.  All upstairs showers are on electric boilers

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